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At Providence we have a saying, “Be the Church, Make a Difference.” We do make a difference by our involvement with mission, both within our community and in ministries around the world. You can make a difference by helping us spread the love of Jesus Christ.

In addition to the many mission programs listed below, Providence is involved in these two faith-based initiatives, which invite us into many mission opportunities.

Local Ministries

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    Annandale Christian Community for Action (ACCA) provides early childhood education, food, rental assistance, furniture, and other services to needy families in the Annandale/Bailey's Crossroads area.

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    Bailey’s Shelter & Supportive Housing is a multi-service facility that houses both a shelter program and permanent supportive housing.

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    Building Blocks supports students in need at Annandale High School.

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    Equal Justice Initiative is committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, to challenging racial and economic injustice, and to protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society.

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    Fairfax County Hypothermia Support provides extra meals for those without homes in the winter months.

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    Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions is a Fairfax County faith-based group that seeks to reduce the county’s carbon footprint.

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    Food & Friends is a social-services organization that delivers meals to those who are homebound.

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    For Immediate Sympathetic Help (FISH) is a volunteer, nonprofit ecumenical outreach organization founded in 1967, which comprises 14 churches located in Fairfax County in the vicinity of Fairfax City, Virginia. FISH provides funds for those in need and the elderly in the greater Fairfax City area of Fairfax County. FISH responds to requests for life's necessities: food, clothing, financial assistance for rent, mortgage, utility bills, gasoline, and prescriptions.

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    Lamb Center is a daytime drop‐in homeless shelter for individuals who are experiencing homelessness in Fairfax, Virginia. They provide breakfast, lunch, showers, laundry service, Bible studies, employment opportunities, housing and job counseling, AA meetings, a nurse practitioner clinic, a dental clinic, and much more. The emphasis is on providing a community of fellowship, support, empowerment, and learning together.

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    Providence Food Pantry, and the 24-hour Little Pantry – The Providence Walk-in Food Pantry provides emergency food supplies to families and individuals in need on a walk-in basis, no questions asked.  Each set of three large grocery bags includes canned fruits and vegetables, chili, meat, fish, cereal, and other staples.  ||  The pantry receives donated food items from church members and friends, as well as some financial support from the Providence Church budget. A team of volunteers keeps the indoor Food Pantry stocked with canned and dry food items to cover the basic food groups.  ||  The self-serve Little Pantry, located near the sidewalk in front of the church, sprang up during the Covid-19 lockdown when our Walk-in Food Pantry was closed. The pantry continues to provide food to the community every day, with provisions donated by volunteers.

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    Operation Share-a-Coat – so others may be warm.

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    Opportunities, Alternative, and Resource (OAR) OAR's mission is to rebuild lives and create a safer community with opportunities, alternatives, and resources for justice-involved individuals and their families.

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    Providence Singers is a group of Providence members and friends who provide musical entertainment for local nursing homes.

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    The Littlest Tree is a Christmas time program that collects donations of gloves and mittens for children.

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    Salvation Army Stockings provides children with gifts for Christmas.

National /International Ministries

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    West Virginia Ministry Advocacy and Workcamps (WVMAW): We participate in youth and inter-generational work trips to support a long-standing relationship with the people of Webster Springs, WV.

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    Rise Against Hunger: This inter-generational mission project provides meals and water purification kits to impoverished communities around the world.

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    Presbyterian Disaster Assistance: Enables congregations to witness to the healing love of God by caring for communities adversely affected by crises and catastrophic events such as fires, flood and earthquakes.

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    Providencia Iglesia: Providence has a 20+-year relationship with a Presbyterian pastor currently serving the community located in the very poor area of Granjas del Desierto, Juarez, Mexico. We provide financial support for the minister, Juan Pablo Gutierrez, as well as fund a weekly breakfast program and other support to the people of Granjas. Through faithful service over many years, Providence mission trips have enabled construction projects (including the building of a church) and supported delivery of essential services to those in great need. As a response to the Matthew 25 program, the focus is now on skill building so that people might get jobs and feed their families. Due to the past violence in Juarez, mission trips have been suspended. Once it is safer, these trips will resume.

Upcoming Events

Shelter Meals

Lydia Circle monthly gatherings

Lydia Circle monthly gatherings

Lydia Circle monthly gatherings