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Caring For Creation

The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork. Psalm 19:1

Please enjoy this Creation Celebration 2021 Art Gallery, created by members and friends of Providence.

Biblical Basis

The Bible makes clear that faithful stewardship of the Creation is something God expects of us.  John’s gospel and Genesis remind us that God was the creator of all that exists.  So, abuse of any part of the Creation becomes an affront to God.  The author of Genesis further noted that “the Lord God put the man [Adam] in the garden of Eden to till it and keep it.”  (Genesis 2:15)   Care for the Creation, therefore, became humankind’s first calling.  Finally, Christ instituted the church to help usher in the Kingdom of God, a Kingdom that embraces all living things.

Today our world has placed incredible strains on God’s loving Creation.  Our church has an opportunity to demonstrate to its members and to our community what faithful stewardship of the Creation can and should be.


Earth Care Team

In 2012, several members of Providence organized an Earth Care Team.  Its initial task was to convince the Session to conduct an environmental audit developed by the PC(USA) of the church’s programs and facilities.  The audit demonstrated that the church qualified Providence to be an official PC(USA) Earth Care Congregation.  Providence has participated in annual audits since 2013 and each audit has demonstrated that the church has grown in its commitment to be exemplary earth care stewards.

Earth Care Team’s Goals

  • To raise the consciousness among members of Providence to make our church a better steward of the environmental resources entrusted to our care;
  • To inspire our church’s members so that they will carry their concern for the Creation out into the world by being more effective earth care stewards of their homes and places of business; and
  • To demonstrate to our community through formal certification that Providence has made a commitment to caring for the Creation.

Earth Care Team’s Accomplishments

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