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Matthew 25 Announcement!

Building Blocks
Providence/AHS Partnership Program

Providence joined a new needs-based program through Fairfax County Public Schools Ignite Partnership with Annandale High School, where more than 65% of the students are from low-income families eligible for free, or reduced fee, lunch. Through this program, Building Blocks, Providence contributes to our Matthew 25 initiative to reduce systemic poverty by reaching out to a diverse school population with basic needs that might not be getting met. We began with two drive: one for financial donations for 30 coats and one to collect items for 25 hygiene kits.

Thanks to the generosity of members of Providence, the Building Blocks team recently delivered a of total of 25 personal hygiene kits to Annandale High School (AHS). We also delivered 30 winter coats, more than our goal of 25. Our PYF group helped us pick out coats in styles and colors appealing to them.  Along with 40 school supply kits provided in September, these donations provide much needed help to many students at AHS whose families struggle to make ends meet.

The assistant principal and parent liaison at AHS are profoundly grateful for the contributions of the
congregation at Providence and hope we will continue our partnership with this nearby school. We plan to provide additional personal hygiene kits for students to take home for the summer months when they are not in school.  Watch for information about this Building Blocks initiative in the spring of 2022.

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Creation Celebration 2021

On Earth Day 2021 we shared paintings, photographs and other artworks that remind us of God’s redemptive power. We asked ourselves how God’s Creation has been saving us this past year. We found that God restores us, invigorates us, inspires us, reconnects us to Creation and to each other.

Please visit our Creation Celebration 2021 Photo Gallery in celebration of Earth Day, 2021.  —Earth Care Team


Our sister congregation of Granjas del Desierto in Juarez, Mexico, has a new place to gather — Iglesia Providencia. The Rev. Mary Rodgers and a member of our Mission Committee, Joe Moss, traveled to this remote area of Juarez at Easter 2019 to celebrate the ribbon-cutting ceremony with old and new friends. Through generous donations from our congregation, this multipurpose building is giving our brother in Christ, Juan Pablo Gutierrez, and his congregation an indoor space in which to worship; to serve as a center for their social gatherings; and to provide a space to hold classes to teach people in Granjas a trade.


FIRST SUNDAYS We welcome all children and students to sit with their families in worship on First Sundays.

COMMUNION CARE SUNDAY  Help us celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of the month by bringing in non-perishable food for our Food Pantry. Let us remember to feed others as we are fed.

DEADLINES  Items for the weekly worship bulletin are due at noon on Wednesdays; exceptions will be noted in the bulletin. Please send your items to Communications Coordinator, Kathy Knorr.