Worship at Providence offers an escape from our busy lives and a chance to meet God face-to-face. On Sundays at 10 am, this service follows an order of worship that will be familiar to many who grew up in the Presbyterian church or other denominations; it will provide God’s comfort no matter what your background. Taking place in the Sanctuary, where the “Tree of Life” stained glass window and the vaulted ceiling help point us to our Creator, we experience God’s call to worship and the grace of a God who loved us enough to send His only Son to die for our sins.

From the musical prelude to the musical postlude, including on many Sundays a musical blessing, you will know that music is central to worship at Providence. The Sanctuary Choir lifts us up with choral masterpieces from throughout history, and Providence is home to many fine vocal and instrumental soloists who share their talents and glorify God by leading in worship. These musical experiences are meant to provide an avenue to speak to God and hear God speaking to us. Our congregational hymn singing is enhanced by our Lively-Fulcher Pipe Organ and the marvelous acoustics of our Sanctuary.

Children of all ages also can experience the joy of worship with their families in the Sanctuary. Following a “Time for Children” during the first half of the service, children and youth are invited to Sunday School in Upper Williamson classrooms. The Nursery is available at the top of the ramp to the classrooms for toddlers and infants. Children and youth are always welcome to rejoin their families for the remainder of the worship service.