Rise Against Hunger

The next packaging event is
November 5, 12:15 pm


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Our Goal:
Raise $3,000 to package 10,000 meals

You can make donations now! 
Make checks payable to Providence Presbyterian Church, with “RAH” in the memo line.  Or drop your cash donation in the Rise Against Hunger collection box located by the side doors to Taylor Hall.

We will package meals on Sunday, November 5, 12:30 pm in Mission Hall.  It will take about 1-2 hours. The more volunteers the faster it goes, so invite your friends. This is an inter-generational event.  There is a job for everyone … even five year olds!  Lunch will be provided.

How can you help Providence reach its goal of packaging 10,000 meals for children?

(1) You Can Donate!
Put a check in the offering plate with RAH in the memo.
Join in the Chili Cook-off & Music event  on October 8.
Save your spare change and put it in the Rise Against Hunger container in the Commons Area.

(2) You can volunteer to help package the meals.
Bring your families, friends and neighbors to Providence’s Mission Hall on November 5.
This is a church-wide mission program for ages 5 to 95, so get excited, get involved!

For additional information or to volunteer, please contact:
Mary Rodgers, RevMary@ProvidenceChurch.org, 703-978-3934, x1004

This inter-generational mission project is a great way for everyone to pitch in to end the scourge of hunger.