Stitch and Share

“Shawls… made for centuries… universal and embracing…. symbolic of an inclusive, unconditionally loving God. They wrap, enfold, comfort, cover, give solace, mother, hug, shelter and beautify.”
Janet Bristow

“Stitch and Share” is a drop-in group that meets on Monday mornings during the program year. Anyone is welcome to join us to work on individual handcrafting projects or just to chat with each other. The group includes men and women. We stay away from politics, preferring to talk about everyday things or concerns. Please! Join us on Mondays to enjoy conversation and get something accomplished at the same time.

History of Providence Comfort Shawl Ministry

Stitch and Share began as the Comfort Shawl Ministry. One of our members, while recovering from an accident, received a shawl from a friend whose church had a shawl ministry. The gesture was so unexpected and comforting that some Providence members decided that it would be a wonderful way to do outreach through handwork skills. The Comfort Shawl Ministry was established and began operating in 2008.  Members would meet regularly to knit or crochet at their own speed to produce these items of comfort for people who were undergoing physical or psychological stress in their lives. In addition to shawls, the members of the group began making hats and scarves which were given to local schools for children in need and also to organizations helping our homeless community.

With the completion of each shawl, hat or scarf, a prayer would travel with it to its recipient. It was the hope that this handwork would make the love of God feel real to someone who was in need.

These items have been used in these and many other ways:

  • Medical procedures, Illness, and Recovery
  • After a loss, Bereavement
  • Meditation
  • Birthing, Baptism
  • For warmth from the cold
  • Just Because

In 2019, after losing a few members to death and relocation to other areas, a few remaining members decided to re-tool the focus and intent of the group. Men are now a part of the group, for one thing! Each person can determine the type of handwork he or she will do and what becomes of that product.