Providence Singers

God’s gift of music is too good NOT to be shared!  The Providence Singers meet every Thursday in the Church Parlor at 7:00 for an hour. We sing through all those great old musical, and stage, and vaudeville, and Top 40’s tunes from the early 1900’s onward. (No memorization required.)  We then take our “show” to local nursing homes and assisted living facilities once a month. You simply cannot appreciate the positive impact we have on each and every one of our audiences, until you see happy eyes and smiles as wide as the building looking back at you as you sing.

Providence Singers is a welcoming environment for musicians and non-musicians alike.  Do you like to sing but don’t think you can carry a tune in a bucket? You are just the kind of person we are looking for. Have you been told you have a nice voice? You are the kind of person we are looking for too. If you’ve never sung at all, or haven’t sung since you were in school, it so happens that you’re the kind of person we are looking for too. However, you must pass our “Try-In”. Which means as long as you try, you’re in! Give Providence Singers a try, you will not believe how much fun you will have preparing and performing music for the world’s greatest audience.