Worship Band

Any music that is used in a worship setting that glorifies God, regardless of the style or genre, can be defined as “praise and worship” music.  In our Contemporary worship service the music is led by the Providence Worship Band, which mirrors the configuration of many modern “rock” bands – guitars, drums, bass guitar, keyboards and singers.  Lyrically, Contemporary Worship Music uses a language of relationship – bringing the singer/congregation into a one-on-one conversation with God – encouraging the participant to relate to God personally.

The Providence Worship Band leads music using today’s best new Christian songs along with new stylings of the great hymns and songs of the church.  Contemporary worship music features generally short and easy to sing (and remember) choruses that repeat several times. This is part of what makes the style perfect for corporate worship because even people who aren’t familiar with a particular song can sing along with ease after hearing one or two repeats of the chorus.

The Providence Worship Band rehearses on Thursday nights and ahead of our 11:15 Contemporary service.