A Time for Sharing

Devotions are a 3-5 minute spiritual talk presented at halftime of each game to the parents, other family members, and spectators (NOT to the players themselves, as the players and coaches are in the “locker” rooms at half time). Devotions can be almost anything that you have found useful or inspiring in your faith journey or something you feel God is calling you to share! In the past we have had presenters read poems, bible passages, personal stories of faith in action in someone’s life, faith statements, mini-sermons, sung a favorite song, played the guitar, etc. Mick has graciously volunteered to provide assistance upon request. This really can be a spiritually uplifting and faith growing experience!

There is almost 100% turnover from game to game. As such, a devotion can be repeated over and over for multiple consecutive games. In fact, we would really like to encourage you to sign up for multiple contiguous blocks (2, 3, 4, or even more!). This makes the most of the preparation time you put in and eases our scheduling issues!

NOTE: Each devotion slot this year is actually a “double” slot. We have two, overlapping (but with start times staggered by 30 minutes) games going on all day long! Thus, someone signing up for one slot will actually give their devotion twice (once in Fellowship Hall and once in Mission Hall)!

NOTE 2: While the devotion is absolutely, positively no more than 7 minutes long (half time is only 8 minutes long, and that includes teams entering and exiting), the time slots listed are longer to account for uncertainty on when halftime will start. Please arrive early and check in with the score keeper (and/or Providence Upward Leadership Team member) for identification and access to the microphone.

NOTE 3: Don’t worry about not filling your time. God can use short and long devotions equally well! We always have “bumper” music to fill in during down time during games!

The is by far the most challenging volunteer opportunity for us to fill. However, I firmly believe that it is an opportunity that can only be filled by Providence Presbyterian Church members as it goes to the core of our outreach mission. I also believe that God is calling ALL of us to step outside our personal and corporate comfort zones and talk about and share our faith and in so doing grow our faith and allow Him to use us for His purpose! Just imagine a church full of members eager to share the Good News with everyone! What a growing, joyful church we would be!

I look forward to hearing what God has to say thru you!

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