Setup and Cleanup

Preparing for Basketball…and Worship!

This is actually three different volunteer opportunities. One at the beginning of the day, the other two at the end of the day. All are critical to the success of the program and continued good care of our excellent facility! This would be an great small group activity! Please consider two or more different dates, as you will be seasoned professionals for the second date and would probably complete the tasking in record time!

Setup involves preparing the church for a full day of Upward Basketball! This includes preparing Taylor Hall, Mission Hall, 4 classrooms that are used as “locker rooms”, as well as the entry of the church to receive guests. Someone from the Providence Upward Basketball Leadership team will work right along with you so no prior experience required! Setup is scheduled to occur starting around 7:30am each Saturday and should be complete by 8:30am.

Cleanup, as you might imagine, is setup in reverse! This includes putting all chairs back where they came from, taking out the trash and recycling, sweeping the 4 classrooms that were used as “locker rooms,” dry mopping Fellowship and Mission Halls, setting up chairs in Fellowship in preparation for worship on Sunday, and generally ensuring the church facilities are in good shape. Again, someone from the Providence Upward Basketball team will work right along with you so no experience needed! Cleanup is scheduled start about 5pm in Taylor and 6:30pm in Mission and should be complete in 30-60 minutes.

Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact the Providence Upward Basketball leadership team at


  • Setup (~730am, 3/4 Girls and K/5 COED)
  • Cleanup: Taylor Hall (5-5:30pm, 1/2 Boys)
  • Cleanup: Mission Hall (5:30-6:00pm, 5/6 Boys)

We look forward to seeing you on game day!