Pre-Game Announcer

Do you like the thought of an exciting sound track playing while you energize a crowd? Do you like to pretend to speak into a microphone and have legions of adoring fans cheering along with you? Do you like to hear your voice amplified over a sound system? If you answered “YES”, “MAYBE”, or even “I don’t know, but would like to try” to any one of these questions, have we got an opportunity for you!

The Upward Basketball program at Providence is in need of interested and exciting people to introduce our young players before each game. It is easy and a LOT of fun. We provide the music, sound system, microphone (including batteries!), and even the names of the two teams and team rosters. We’ll even provide quick on the job training and show you how it is done. All you have to provide is your voice and a little creativity. Where else can you actually act out your fantasy to be a famous NBA game day announcer?

Please consider signing up for multiple contiguous blocks (i.e. take 2, 3, 4, or even more slots in a row!). NOTE: Each block is composed of one announcing slot in Mission Hall and one announcing slot in Taylor (Fellowship) Hall….except for the very last block of the day which consists of THREE introductions: one in Mission, one in Taylor, and a final one in Mission.

Signup Today!